Book of Pages: 2000–2020

Although the first version of Book of Pages was written and illustrated almost a decade earlier, it was published in 2000. The book’s illustrations are black-and-white line art. To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of their publication, here is how the pages might have looked had they been in colour, thanks to Jiriki’s friend Claudia.


Page 8: The shrinking distances of problems space



An aviator talks about the shrinking distances of problem space on page 8 (left side).

The idea of dynamic maps where proximity is based on time rather than physical distance (“the whole thing pulses to the rhythms of timetables and seat availbility”) was something I did briefly consider as a topic for an academic research project — I remember a professor being willing to support me if I could get funding (although now I know they probably support anything if it gets funding). I never did, of course, and other adventures happened instead.