“A beautiful technological fable” — The Guardian


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Jiriki is sweeping it and so, perhaps without him knowing, his journey begins. Sweeping a significant step is much the same as sweeping any other . . .  It can be more or less dusty than the rest but, whichever, your life is changed.

About the book

When Jiriki, a young monk, is sent by his Abbot from his mountain monastery to the Metropolis, he finds the modern world a confusing and illogical place; all that technology, which supposedly exists to make life easier, to Jiriki’s simple eyes only makes living more complicated.

And as confused as Jiriki is by the modern world, he is even more confused by the Book of Pages that his Abbot has sent him to find — a book of which he has been given no clues as to the appearance, the whereabouts, or even the content . . .

From the publisher:

Book of Pages is a remarkable feat of storytelling — a Studs Terkel investigation into our technological society, a philosophical spin on Crocodile Dundee, an illustrated parable that manages to walk an improbable line between Kung Fu and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. It is as playful in its searching for wisdom as it is penetrating in its insights. It is a uniquely eye-catching piece of fiction. An unusual book . . . beneath its deceptively simple format there is an intelligence and vista that is challenging and wholly original.